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Fabbnails, for an easy and self application and amazing results!

The Irish woman Helen Mc Crumlish has a passion for nail colour and art. After attending various courses, she worked in the industry for a while and many customers told her of how they wished they could apply gel polish at home but it was just too tricky. “I could see their point. If you haven't trained in nail applications or spent hours at home perfecting the technique it's difficult to apply nail polish and get good results” she explains.
She created Fabbnails two years ago to make it easier for women to self apply at home and get amazing salon results. “Participation in beauty Beyond is to give us some exposure to EU and other buyers. We would welcome their feedback in terms of the range and would like to consider possible partnerships for the future”.

The philosophy behind Fabbnails : easy to use, salon results at home
Fabbnails 30 second all-in-one gel polish combines primer, base, colour and gloss to give the fastest drying gel polish and with less steps so there are less chances to make errors. “Our long handle applicator gives the user more control so they can achieve a better application giving them better results”. Fabbnails 30 second gel polish is dried using an LED lamp. FFnails has a mini starter kit with a small battery operated portable lamp or has a maxi starter kit with a ProLED 10W nail lamp with removable base plate for pedicures. “We have a range of bright colours, something to suit everyone. For removal we have a unique mini removal pouch (removes 10 nails) and a deluxe removal kit which includes cuticle oil (removes 30 nails)”.

The Eazifrench Mani Tips are made from actual nail polish to give a better result, the tips are simple to apply; stick, file off the excess and seal with clear gel polish.

 “We have looked at the process of application in detail and tried to make it easier to follow by explaining why the consumer needs to complete certain steps and we have changed some of the steps to help with the normal problems associated with application.
We are not a section of a big multinational company. We are only interested in nail products, indeed we are passionate about it. 80% of women in EU state that colour cosmetics like gel polish make them feel more confident. However in the busy lifestyles of today the female consumer needs products that are quick and easy to apply and last longer. Fabbnails does just that, and we will continue to look at ways to improve the range with these points in mind”.

Currently Fabbnails sells in Ireland only, however the new range will be launched in UK in October this year. The products also sell online at and will start to take pre-launch orders from August 2014. “We hope to be on sale in France in 2015”.

September 9-11
Porte de Versailles - Paris

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Fabbnails, for an easy and self application and amazing results!

The Irish woman Helen Mc Crumlish has a passion for nail colour and art. After attending various courses, she worked in the industry for a while and many customers told her of how they wished they could apply gel polish at home but it was just too ...

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