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ALQVIMIA : Cosmetic products for Body, Mind and Soul

Its passion for work well done seems to be ALQVIMIA’s key success driver since its launch 30 years ago. The founder of the brand, Mr. Idili Lizcano, always believed the future of the cosmetics industry resides in using natural ingredients that respect our living environment.  
ALQVIMIA is a member of the Spanish trade organization Luxury Spain
and has become the recognized representative for high end body and face cosmetics treatments in Spain.  
Relying on its number one position in Spain and on a further 15 successful country launches, ALQVIMIA launches its brand in France starting this fall. ALQVIMIA will have a stand at COSMEETING SELECTIVE in September to widen its reach following successful market tests in France in spas and selective distribution channels.

ALQVIMIA was launched 30 years ago, and it still seems to act as a precursor in the segment of 100% natural cosmetics. What secrets do you have that explain this success?
Our secrets could in the end just reflect very simple things: make things with great care, always act enthusiastically, seek excellence, quality and a certain differentiation vis-à-vis other brands.
We also decided very quickly to manage our company by incorporating values based on ethical and fairness principles on top of the usual search for economic profitability: equitable commerce, cooperation, search for the common good and general equity.
Happy human beings represent a precious common good, for our society at large as well as for entrepreneurs and companies. We organize an annual ALQVIMIA FORUM on well-being for the benefit of third party companies. We definitely wish to share our positive experience of a Human Economy as broadly as possible.

The cosmetics industry is permanently on the move, with new brands and new products being launched continuously. How do you differentiate yourselves towards competitors?
ALQVIMIA proposes only treatments and cosmetics based on 100% natural products. We use laboratory processes and know-how based on ancient alchemy techniques. Our products made through such processes are very efficient from a cosmetics point of view, and are also beneficial for our health.
We use botanical ingredients selected with great care. The texture and the perfume of our products have been devised to maximize the feeling of pleasure when our clients apply them on their skin. This is the reason we have won several awards and prizes during our 30 years of existence.
ALQVIMIA is much more than just a high-end cosmetics brand, ALQVIMIA reflects a way of understanding and living harmoniously with the beauty of the world around us.

Demanding consumers persistently seek new products providing immediate results. Tell us more about your top sellers?
We have many top sellers, but 3 of them stand out as real ‘stars’.
Let me start the list with Body Sculptor
. It is a slimming and size reducing 100% natural product that helps shape your silhouette, without any caffeine presence.
Our Bust Firming Oil is another extraordinary product, 100% natural, protecting and firming up women’s breasts. Clinical trials have demonstrated that applying this product allows breasts to gain up to 2,2 cm in height. Its impact could be equivalent to plastic surgery results. And all of this is achieved through the use of natural agreeable products.
I would also like to talk to you about Sensuality Woman, a product dedicated to allow a woman to regain control of her internal beauty. Our product aims to let her feel more feminine, more sensual and more attractive. This product leaves no one indifferent. It could even support dealing with the unwanted effects of menopause.

Traditionally, the Beauty industry directed its products uniquely to women. New trends have appeared. Have you noticed an increased demand coming from men?  
Indeed, it is a new segment, developing step by step. Last year we launched a product specific to men: Seductive Man. The product aims to enhance your auto-esteem, your emotional equilibrium, your internal strength and your masculinity. We are eying this segment with a view to support future product development.

ALQVIMIA has recently launched a new nutritional product category, ‘’Be Beautiful Foods’’. Is this a new trend?
Yes, indeed. I was nurturing this dream of mine since a few years back: launching nutritional products based on aromatherapy and essential oils. Essential oils inherently include active ingredients. Such nutritional products are a good complement to treatments applied to your skin.
At ALQVIMIA we speak of a strategy based on a ‘’ménage à trois’’ or on 3 daily treatment phases:
We propose that one of our body elixirs are applied in the morning. Then, during the day you could take one of our Be Beautiful Foods pills. And finally, end the day using the benefit of one of our body oils.
The Be Beautiful Foods launch has been a great success from the start. We are currently planning to expand the range beyond the 3 existing products: anti-age, slimming and feminine energy.

The general Spanish economy isn’t supportive of growth. Has ALQVIMIA felt any impact of the current gloom?
Last year was probably one of ALQVIMIA’s worst since its founding 30 years ago. However, we are benefitting from a strong rebound since the start of this year. Our sales in Spain have grown by 40% year on year, including in severely depressed regions. We are very optimistic for the coming months ahead.  
This crisis has actually been a blessing in disguise letting us reorganize our distribution chain. All our current distributors are highly motivated, they understand the brand and the actual true benefits of using our products. Their state of mind has been a reason the crisis was so short for us and was overcome quickly.

In your opinion, what is the future of aesthetics and cosmetics?
I have no doubt the future will be built around a strongly increasing market share of 100% natural cosmetic treatments and products. It is a strong emerging and sustainable trend internationally. Cosmetics based on industrial chemistry will represent a decreasing share of the market, and you can already see natural cosmetics grow more strongly than ever despite the economic environment.  
I also think personally that there is a growing expectation that cosmetics’ results and benefits will go hand in hand with the search for more spiritual benefits over time. ALQVIMIA trains aestheticians to interiorize and then deploy a full attention to cabin clients’ need, by selecting the appropriate treatments. The objective is to make the client experience a healthy curative one, doubled by the feeling of a true interior physical, emotional and spiritual regeneration.

And what about ALQVIMIA’s own future?

We are very optimistic about ALQVIMIA’s future. We are growing very strongly. In Spain, we are about to achieve a full national coverage, mixing exclusive and non-exclusive agreements. Our increasing visibility accelerates further our growth as more and more clients experience the benefits of our products and treatments. We are making sure in parallel that our new partners reflect and live up to strict quality standards. This also makes it a lot easier for us to support their own growth in a win-win spirit.
We are currently also open to conclude exclusive deals whereby aesthetic centers become ALQVIMIA branded spas. ALQVIMA spas are modeled on our wholly owned spa situated on Rambla de Cataluña, operated in the very center of Barcelona.

Can you tell us about your next moves, on top of a commercial launch in France?
We are currently working on a product trilogy dedicated to feminine ‘empowerment’. We believe the traditional ‘patriarchial’ model has outlived its time. The world is now in search for its next model. We believe our world needs new, more feminine energy sources: love, tolerance, patience, generosity and conscience.
We are in the process of designing new products and treatments supportive of this new need. I am really passionate about being involved in this new product development. In its traditional meaning, ALQVIMIA means transformation. We, at ALQVIMIA, definitely strive to contribute positively to our society’s evolution, providing women with more power to transform our environment. So that their beauty can shine and inundate our world, whether it is through the beauty of their body and spirit or through their wisdom and love.

Stand G 22
9-11 Septembre
Paris – Porte de Versailles

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